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A Guide to the Living Tree Orchid Essences

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Orchid Essence Links

In the UK the British Association of Flower Essence Producers plays an important role in helping essence makers in our relationship to government regulations, and in fostering communication and support between the various companies and developers involved in essence-making.

British Association of Flower Essence Producers

For therapists and the general (interested) public there is a related organization called the British Flower & Vibrational Essences Association. It hosts an annual conference each March in Wales, and also provides very useful information and support to therapists working with vibrational essences.

IFER also carries essences from two other companies that have a strong focus on orchids. Shabd-sangeet Khalsa of the Dancing Light Orchid Essences was the person responsible for sparking Don Dennis' interest in orchids in the autumn of 1997. She was also (as far as we have been able to determine) the first person in the world to make orchid essences with orchids growing in a greenhouse. This was an important conceptual break-through, and her pioneering spirit is wonderful to see, and manifest to all who know her. Here is the url of her website:

Star Riparetti makes orchid essences with plants growing in the wild in Peru. She was the first person in the essence world to make a spray which combined flower essences and essential oils. Her Angel Rejuvenation Spray proved to the essence community that this was both possible and very desirable, and in the past 10 years many other essence-makers have followed suit. Beyond that, her tremendous appreciation of the magic of the orchids, as well as the culture and landscape and peoples of Peru make her work all the richer. She's also simply a delightful, wonderful soul, and her work deserves our attention. Here is her website's url:

The Living Essences of Australia do not focus on orchids in particular, but out of their range of 88 flower essences, 14 are orchids. In conversation Dr. Vasudeva Barnao does say that there is something both distinct and special about orchids. Their approach to essence-making, which involves no cutting of the flowers, was adapted by us and combined with the non-cutting approach that Shabd-sangeet Khalsa of the Dancing Light Orchid Essences uses. So to both of these essence-makers we owe our thanks! Here is the url of the Living Essences of Australia's website:

The lovely website of the Australian importer of the Wild Earth Animal Essences.

Other Links of General Interest:

One very rewarding aspect of our work with the essences is hearing from customers who have found the Living Tree Orchid Essences especially supportive and helpful. One customer started her own business, supplying top-quality make-up brushes. Here is what she said in an email to us last year:

"Firstly, thank you for your wonderful Orchid Essences. They have helped me a lot over the last couple of years while setting up and growing my new business The Make-Up Brush Company. It may not appear at first to be your kind of subject, but you might like to see how their subtle and generous vibes are percolating through my business where I approach the subject of beauty and self-image, self-love and self-confidence, by way of a means a lot of women use and could enjoy more ..... make-up. I am even finding men comprise 30% of my customers, so let's hear it for the men ....."

Here is the url of Christine's wonderful website:

Printing company that printed our photo cards.