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Orchid Growers

We are sometimes asked where one can go to find good orchids. In the UK, Europe and in the USA and elsewhere there are a good many very fine commercial orchid growers. Some of these will send plants abroad, but may well charge extra for the considerable paperwork involved, since most orchids are subject to CITES restrictions.

Be sure to find out where any local orchid shows are taking place in your region. These are usually an excellent means of acquiring some lovely plants, which you have the chance to look over yourself. Be sure the roots are in good shape, don't be seduced simply by a lovely bloom!

One of the best each year in the UK is in Peterborough:

and as well the London Orchid Show is well worth going to if you live anywhere near to London:

UK Orchid Growers:

Please note that not all orchid growers have websites. Some very fine specialist growers operate without use of this modern technology... but are well worth looking out for at shows. Nevertheless here's three of the best in the UK with websites: in Fife, Scotland tel. 01 259 210 569 in Oxfordshire, England tel. 01 295 712 159 - Burnham Nurseries in Devon tel. 01 626 35 22 33

Orchid Growers in the USA: Orchids Limited in Minnesota tel. 1-800-669-6006 in New York tel. 518-882-9002 also in New York tel. 585-381-4206

Orchid Growers in Europe: Orchideen Lucke in Germany tel. +49 28 45 286 12 in Belgium tel. +32 03 651 40 36

Orchid Growers in South America:

Orchid Growers in Southeast Asia:

Orchid Growers in India:

This forest sanctuary in south-central India is probably the most important orchid sanctuary in the sub-Continent. Run by a small but very dedicated team, they help amongst other things to look after some very endangered orchids native to India. Should you ever travel to India, this is one place not to be missed!

Other Orchid Related Links:

OrchidWire is a web directory of orchid related sites. Based in Vancouver, Canada.