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Orchids in Timelapse DVD

Author: Don Dennis

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Over the past year I have been creating time-lapse videos of our orchids growing. Hopefully you will have taken a few minutes to view some of these on either our website or on our Facebook pages or on You Tube. An old friend in Finland suggested I use a specific track of music by the legendary jazz pianist Keith Jarrett with one of the time-lapse videos. It was a wonderful suggestion, so much so that I have made contact with Keith Jarrett via his agent, and secured agreement to license that track for this one video. His agent said that Keith Jarrett very rarely makes such agreements, so I can only presume that he was impressed by the video in question.

The DVD includes 59 time-lapse videos of the orchids, at high resolution, higher than you see on our website. The 59 videos show 25 different orchids, some are simply at different frame rates (some like to see them slow, some fast...), while some are of the same plant in a different bloom cycle. There is approximately an hour of viewing time, and the DVD contains nearly 4 gigabytes of videos.

I hope you will enjoy them..!